Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back to School Blues

Welp. Here I am. All depressed and mopey because school starts tomorrow.





Overdramatic? Maybe. But I certainly have felt like an Eeyore/Charlie Brown hybrid all day week long. Mix a little bit of adolescent "Why does the world hate me?!" angst in there and you get the idea of what my husband has been dealing with. Basically this means I'm super fun to be around right now.

The ray of light breaking through the cumulonimbus clouds? Thrifting for back-to-school attire...

Michael Kors Patent Wedges: $4.29
Retail: $150+

I am not too lost in my state of misery to recognize that this might be a bit of a stretch, but the wedges remind me of these $860 Gucci heels:

Bright redish/pinkish boyfriend vintage blazer: $3.79
Retail: ??
Forever 21 Blouse: $3.79
Retail: $15+

Like the black & mint color combo.

J.Crew Silk Cami

Vera Pelle Leather Pencil Skirt: $3.79
Retail: $300+

I think it's appropriate to end with an Eeyore quote.

After all, one cant complain. I have my friends. Somebody spoke to me only yesterday. And was it last week or the week before that Rabbit bumped into me and said, "Bother."

I hope your summer was a great one!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Five Things

I am really flattered that Lynaea from Everyday Bloom tagged me in one of the blog question games! I have never been tagged before and I am quite excited to be "it". This version asked me to give five things in a certain category. These aren't necessarily my TOP five in each category :)

Five things I'm passionate about?
1) Family- Husband, Parental Units, Grandparental Units, Sibling Unit, Puppy Units, Turtle Unit.

2) Physical Health- I like to lift and work on my guns and stuff.

3) Thrifting- STOP ROLLING YOUR EYES. I was told that you tell what a person's passion is by what they talk about the most...If we have conversed, it is 97% likely that thrifting was subject of my chit chat.

4) Teaching and Learning- Since I don't want children of my own, teaching is my way of giving back. And I love to learn! If I could pick only one word to describe me, it would be "curious".

5) Culture & Trends- Not like what celebrity is dating who or anything like that. I just love to know what everyone is into! Meaning- design, fashion, funny videos that are going around, popular movies...stuff like that. I consider it a part of my job to stay relevant on cultural things :)

Five things I want to do before I die?
1) See the Northern Lights

2) Do the splits

3) Do 20 pullups in a row

4) Thrift a "designer designer" item ($1000+)

5) Punch/Slap someone in the face. I am a very passive person! My excuse has been that I would surely vocalize my concerns if it was about something that really mattered, but I think it's just that I like to keep the peace and make sure everyone likes me. My goal for this year is to be more outspoken, stand up for myself, and to make a few enemies-, but my lifetime goal is to be able to be bold enough to do "slap" someone (metaphorically, maybe?) when I need to take a BIG stand. Honorable goal, I know. Way to set an example for the children.

Five things I say a lot?

1) "Poop."

2) "What do you think about him?" <--My mom and I call clothing items by the masculine pronoun. When we are thrifting it's all, "Do you like him?", "Is he cute?", "He's ugly", "I think he's too pink and frilly for me", etc.

3) "I got it at the thrift store!"

4) "IT'S ALL GOING TO BE OK." <--Said to panicking math students

5) "Shh." <--Said to loud math students.

Five Three favorite movies?
(I could only come up with three!)

1) Waking Ned Devine

2) Count of Monte Cristo

3) Horrible Bosses

Five favorite thrifted items?
(I added this one, sorry!)

1) Cole Haan Loafers

2) Moose Belt

3) Fur Stole

4) Watch Necklace

5) Statue

The next tag?

Ashleigh from Stylized Wannabe


Amy from Cincinnati Thrift

Monday, August 5, 2013

xl;khs;jndfnoi (and scarf winner!)

I am pleased to report that not only did I not get eaten by a bear (actually, I'm happy not to be eaten by anything, thank you very much), I did not see a single ferocious furry animal whilst in Canada!

I live to thrift another day.

Please know that I will get back to everyone of your comments! Yesterday, I acquired a single unferocious furry puppy and I am learning all kinds of fun things about the *hallucinogenic* side effects of 2 hours of sleep...all this means is it might take me a little longer than norm. Let this also serve as an explanation for any future comment I may leave that reads something like "Adorable outfit! I love how your shoes go with z;kndjsinkdncilnih;ink"

Anywhoozlknslncie, the Random Number Generator picked #10 Stephanie Elias as the scarf winner!!! I can't figure out how to (quickly) take a screenshot on the PC so you'll just have to believe that this was done fairly :)

P.S. SPEAKING OF FURRY PUPPIES AND THRIFT STORES! Did you know that Dayton Goodwills sell brand new pet items such as toys, leathers (<--that was supposed to say "leashes" but I thought it proved an excellent point so I left it), potty training pads, and much else? Awesormxivhe sauc'xie.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Safari Scarf GIVEAWAY!

I've wanted to host a giveaway for awhile so I've been on the lookout for things that I feel like people besides me would want to wear. When I saw this Banana Republic leopard scarf on the Goodwill Shopping Safari, I knew it was perfect! 

Who doesn't need an animal print scarf? 

Celebrities need leopard print scarves.

Everyday girls need leopard scarves.

Pugs need leopard scarves.

This girl loves her leopard scarf SO MUCH, she is kisses it goodnight.



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Last day to enter is Sunday, August 4th

I will use a random number generator to pick the winner and he/she will be announced and contacted on Monday, August 5th!