Friday, July 29, 2011

Teacher Style

This post is way overdue.

A little bit ago, I told you that my mom and I were going on a thrifting trip! During this trip, I tried my best to focus on finding teacherly clothing for my upcoming student teaching internship.

I just graduated from UC with my degree in Math, and in the fall I'll be starting my full-time student teaching internship that's required for my teaching license (which I'll have by January!). One of the things I realized during my part-time student teaching this past year was that I am really lacking in the appropriate-teacher-attire category.

A funnier conversation that I got to be a part of was between two high school students talking about style. It went something like this:

Girl: This weekend, my hair was so cute. It looked like a college soccer girl's hair.

Me: What do you mean?

Girl: Like, it was in a messy bun with a small headband!

Me: looked like you just worked out?

Girl: Yeah!

Me: Cuuuuuuuute?

Girl (to Boy): You know what I LOVE? When girls wear Uggs with short shorts!

Boy: YEAH! But you know what my favorite thing is? When a girl wears her pajamas in public.

The following clothing came from my mom's and my thrifting trip. (CHALLENGE: Can you spot the item that I should NOT wear for teaching?)

From Goodwill (Morse Rd, Columbus):

Gap Shirt: $3.99
Retail: $40-$50

Ralph Lauren Vest: $Free (buy one shirt, get one free deal)
Retail: $50-$70
(HOW DO I WEAR THIS VEST?! I just got it because it was free and knew that safari style was in a little bit ago...)

Isaac Mizrahi Wrap Dress: $4.99
Retail: $20-$30

Show-and-tell break. I told you here about our dog's crazy bathroom habits. While I was taking pics, I thought Puppy Duppy would have a chance to run around our yard and pee. No dice. He sat in the porch corner the WHOLE time just waiting for me to take him tree-conquering (see his butt in the above dress pic). Good thing for him, he's cute.

Aaaaand back to the clothes:

Express Pinstripe Pants: $3.99
Retail: $60-$70

Different trip, same store:
BeBe Teal Pants: $3.99
Retail: $100-$130

From Goodwill (Ohio Pike, Columbus):
Limited Pants: $3.29
Retail: $75-$80

From Goodwill (Sandusky St, Columbus):

Catalina Bikini: $3.99 (for both pieces)
Retail: $50-$80

From Volunteers of America (Indianola Ave, Columbus):
Sbicca Leather Wedges: $1.99
Retail: $80-$90
(Teacherly sensible heels? Check.)

Total Thrift Price: $26.23
(Minimum) Retail Price: $475
Savings:  $448.77 (94%)
(Although, as my mom pointed out, she took me on the thrifting trip for my birthday so I actually spent $0--> my MOM's savings was 94%)

Were you challenged?!

Challenge Answer:
If there's one thing I know, it's that it's not a good idea to wear a bikini to teach high schoolers. No need to thank me. That bit of Ally wisdom is free to you.

What did we learn today, class?

Think twice before you take fashion advice...(from a high-schooler).

PS: Misty from An Unpretentious Teacher inspired this post. She writes an awesome blog that includes REAL teacher style. 

PPS: Check out Whitney from Between the Lines for even more teacherly attire. 

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  1. You forgot to mention that all the thrifted items on our trip were free to you because they were your b-day gift!

    My favorite is the Gap shirt!

    Love, Mom

  2. MOM! You figured out how to comment!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo!!! You're right, lol. Really, I saved the entire amount. I'll make sure people know right now :) I'm so happy you commented!

  3. Ally,
    Welcome to my little bloggy world. You definitely have some good items for your upcoming teaching career.
    My son is also going to be a teacher, he's going for the history.....
    Thrift on little sister! Check in with you later.
    P.s. Once a Mom knows how to comment nothing is off limits!

  4. Hi Tammy! What grade is your son? I am just not so good at history so I admire him. Do you thrift shop for your sons? I appreciate your comment so much.

  5. Now how cool is that that you scored such AMAZING finds for a SONG! Seriously, that wrap dress alone is more than worth what you paid for everything! Don't you love shopping with your daughter is my favorite person to go shopping with! Am looking forward to seeing more of your blog! So glad you found me so I could find you back! ~Serene

  6. Again, very funny, :)
    Yeah, high school kids not so much good for fashion advice. Uggs or pajamas in public...WOW.
    Love all the slacks you got, especially those teal ones. I have a hard time with slacks, most end up not fitting and I have a mostly firm stance against buying things that need tailoring.
    Loved those wedges. I need to get more wedges. Mostly I buy stilettos. Wedges are so much easier to wear.


  7. i must say, puppy duppy looks pretty cute like that. i love him!!!! and i am impressed with your magical findings. i wore three thrifted shirts last week!

  8. Hi Serene! Thank you so much for checking out my blog! YES- shopping with my mom is the best :) Your daughter is so lucky to get to shop with you!

    Jess- I know, right? When I look back on my HS days, I wish I wouldn't have taken fashion advice from myself either (lol). Actually, more specifically, middle school was a rough fashion era for me. Ha! Truth about slacks- I usually don't look for bottoms so much but I was in desperate need of profesh clothing. I was really lucky to find these! The more than I've gotten "serious" about thrifting, the more surprised I am with what I can find. Are you discovering the same?

    Alena- I KNOW! He's so precious!!!! This morning I was outside taking pictures again and he actually walked the perimeter of the yard and peed on a few things! I was so proud of him. AND! I'm proud of you for wearing thrifted shirts!!!! I am keeping my eye out for fruney wear.

  9. Ally! Amazing deals. I am so jealous, because I spent $24 (on sale of course) for a black skirt for work this weekend. Epic fail compared to you.

    You should try the military vest with something super girly, like a floral sundress, I love the girly/military look. Good luck!

  10. Thank you Lindsey! No way- $24 is not a fail, especially not an epic one lol. Thanks for the tip about the vest. I really love the idea of wearing it with a sundress!


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