Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Today we salute you, Miss Mismatched Bikini Wearer

Confession time: I broke one of my personal do not thrift for rules. In the past, I have avoided looking for bathing suits at the thrift store. This is mainly because I have just never ever found a complete set of one that I like. Call me a quitter. Actually, don't. 1) It's not nice and 2) it is not longer true.

This weekend, I was in the really-stinking-toasty city of St. Louis for a family reunion. I was at the pool washing away my heat stroke and noticed many of the girls wearing bikinis with mismatching tops & bots. I asked my fashionable cousin (second cousin? first cousin once-removed? fourth cousin twice-removed and thrice-replaced? I dunno. You know how family reunions go.) who was rocking the same look and she told me that this is how it's done in 20-11. 

Note: My cousin isn't making this up. Check here, here, and here.

Some fads I have a hard time accepting. Best example=harem pants from 2009. I'm just not down with the I-just-took-a-dump-in-my-pants look:
While a mismatching bikini is something that I'm still not totally sure I love, I am definitely hopping on this fad-train because it is one trend that I know I can thrift. Check it:
J. Crew Bikini Top: $2.50 @ St. Vincent De Paul in Cincinnati
Retail: $50-$60

Don't worry, I have plans to thrift for bottoms as well.

Ally Salutes: Real Women of Genius
Today we salute you, Miss Mismatched Bikini Wearer.
Any girl can wear clothing that matches, but it takes real guts to look like you got dressed in the dark.

How do you feel about mismatched swimwear?


  1. You might follow her now, but if not I thought you would get a kick out of this

  2. lol I did love that! I'm glad you reminded me of her because iI keep meaning to check her regularly.

  3. I DEFINITELY agree with you on the just-took-a-dump-in-my-pants look, and giggled at your honesty about it!

    Also, you're dead on about mis-matched bakinis. Rock it, girl!

    xx. Julia

  4. Hi Julia!!! Thank you so much for checking out my blog! Oh my gosh I think/hope we can all agree that we are pleased that Harem Pants are not so instyle anymore lol. I was so bummed- I found some J.Crew bottoms at another thrift store that matched the lime-green color in the top but they looked pretty tragic. I have no idea what bottoms to match the tops with now!


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