Monday, August 15, 2011

Inspiration Monday: Vicky's Model Edition

I LOVE random trivia.

FYI: It is illegal to hunt whale in Utah. Shucks. I even remembered to pack my harpoon.

I was recently reading  The Bathroom Trivia Book (cookie to the first person who can guess where I was reading it) and I came across a fact that really bugged me: "Woodpeckers don't get headaches."

Mk. How can this possibly be known?!

Just because my dog doesn't ask for a footrub doesn't mean that his feet don't hurt every now and then. Just because my turtle doesn't eat chicken noodle soup doesn't mean that he doesn't ever get tummy aches.

And, just because I haven't spilled anything on my white pants yet doesn't mean that they won't have ketchup on them by the end of the day.

I was really excited to see that Two Birds' chose the following outfit for Inspiration Monday, but it also made me nervous because 1) Karolina Kurkova is a Vicky's Model --> she looks gooood and 2) White pants attract ketchup, coffee, grass stains, all kinds of random things to make them non-white. You know how it goes.

Here's our inspiration, K.K.:

Here's how I copied her (B.A. look on K.K. replaced by large and in charge smile on me) :

J.Crew Shirt: $4.49 @ St. Vincent De Paul in Cinci
?? Tank: thrifted @ least $2
Banana Republic Pants: $4.49 @ St. Vincent De Paul in Cinci
?? Clutch: $2 @ garage sale
Cole Haan Loafers (hidden by grass, see ugly picture below that doesn't do them justice): $.99 @ Salvation Army in Cinci
Watch necklace: $2.99 @ St. Vincent De Paul in Cinci

Total Cost: $14.96

Accessories/Shoes up close:
Above loafers are cuter in person. Cross my heart.

I learned a lesson today: I need Dave to start taking pics of me when I'm walking across the street like I don't give a pig's bottom instead of when I'm standing by a tree with my leg bent so it looks like it's shorter than the other one. I guess that's why Vicky's doesn't call to ask me to model for them? That must be it.

Since I'm in the show-and-tell zone, I actually do have a turtle. Here he is getting his feet tan:

And, I really don't feed him chicken noodle soup, in case you wondered.

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  1. you are the cutest! i love your big's your best accessory (followed closely by that amazing necklace!)

  2. i'm so happy that honey doodles finally made the blog! and i like your smile. KK doesn't come close to looking as adorable as you.

  3. thanks for the kind words on the blog! I'm glad you enjoy it. Looking forward to reading more about your thrifting adventures!

  4. what a great outfit... i really need to visit your hometown and go to this thrift store where you found such amazing deals! not only deals, but good quality items at lovely, lovely prices. i'm following your blog, see you next monday!

  5. Haha I love the large and in charge smile too :) Those loafers are soo cute, even in picture! And you know how I feel about that necklace. Wow. How did you do with the white pants, any ketchup? haha

  6. Ooooh! Awesome finds! I'm definitely digging the clutch and the loafers. I have a pair of Sperry's that I absolutely love. I would wear them every day if I could. Found them at a consignment shop for $10, too. Makes them even more comfy-- especially on my wallet! lol

    Much Love,

  7. you've got really good deals! I like the monochromatic color scheme! And definitely like the lovely smile on your face. Dearie, you look great!


  8. you've got really good deals! I like the monochromatic color scheme! And definitely like the lovely smile on your face. Dearie, you look great!


  9. You have the PRETTIEST smile! Seriously! It's your best accessory! You did a great job with your inspiration piece. I love white pants or white skirts....but you're sooooo right. They are a magnet for crap! Your post had me laughing! Woodpeckers don't get headaches! That's hilarious! Hugs! ~Serene

  10. I love that watch necklace but, I about DIED over the turtle.. Such a cute little boxy turtle!!

  11. Two Birds- Thank you! Awesome link-up :-D <--that's me

    Alena- Me too! You'll like today's better though...and thank you pruney, but KK is pretty fab.

    Kitty- Thanks for checking out my blog!! I can't wait to read more of you :)

    Thanks Bug! After this, I'm off to see your take on her outfit!

    Rachel- Thanks for saying that the loafers are cute in the pic, but I really think they look NASTY, lol! I really need a more flattering pic of them...And oh my gosh, I did SO well, I didn't spill anything on them but I was getting out of my car at the end of the day and got a little bit of dirt on the back. That's not too bad, though, right?

    Trissta- I AM SO JEALOUS. I was at a thrift store the other day and they had this sweet pair of alligator skin Sperrys but, of course, they weren't my size. SO disappointing.

    Mongs- Why, thank you :) I'm off to see your take after this!

    Serene- Thank you!!! Isn't that crazy about the "fact"?

    Suz- AW thanks for the nice words about my turtle :) I love him, lol, but the pic is a little gross...Any turtle lover is a friend of mine!

  12. Saw you at Two Birds link-up and love your rendition! That checkered top is so cute on you and perfect for Summer and oh my god I am in love with that old pocket watch necklace you got-what a deal!!!


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