Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shoe Fly

I was driving with the Band this weekend when he saw a car ad featuring the new tagline for True Lemon:
Dave turned to me and said, “I don’t get it. Am I supposed to seduce my water, or make it my enemy?”
Oh, husbands. Sometimes it seems like there is some kind of Amelia Bedelia-ness going on in those brains.
For those of you who don’t know Amelia Bedelia, she was so intelligent that an entire series of children’s’ books were made about the way she misinterpreted instructions. Here’s an example. Amelia Bedelia is supposed to “change the towels”. So she does:

She was clearly a genius.
I just wish I could figure out a way to misinterpret, “Ally, you should stop buying shoes”.
“……..So, you don’t mind that I STOLE these shoes? At the price I paid, you can pretty much considered these shoes burgled.”    (ßThat’s the best I could come up with. Only judge if you can do better.)

I thrifted these two pair this weekend with the best amiga Laurel:
 Old Navy Sandals (all rhinestones in tact! Woot.): $3.99 @ Goodwill in Columbus
Retail: $20-$25
Aldo Pumps: $3.99 @ Goodwill in Columbus
Retail: $75-$90

These next pairs are ones that I’ve wanted to share but haven’t had the opportunity til now:
J. Crew Shoes: $10 @ Salvation Army in Cinci
Retail: $180-$230

Anne Klein Leather Heels: $3.99 @ Goodwill in Columbus
Retail: $70-$80

BCBGMAXAZRIA Suede Heels: $3.99 @ Goodwill in Columbus
Retail: $160-$200

These next ones look cuter on the feet. Trust me.

Steve Madden Leather Heels: $3.99 @ Goodwill in Columbus
Retail: ??? Let's say @ least $60 ???

Kayla Suede Boots: $2.99 @ Salvation Army in Columbus
Retail:??? Let's say @ least $60 ???

For 7 pairs:

Total Cost: $32.94
Minimum Retail Cost: $625
Total Savings: $592.06 (95%)

(After all, savings are savings no matter how the husband tries to spin it.)

Amelia Bedelia THAT.


  1. Those nude open toed Aldo shoes are too die for! I have been hunting for the perfect pair of nude shoes and those are almost exactly what I've been looking for. I had almost lost hope, but not anymore. You've restored my faith that it is possible! Lol!
    My husband usually does one of those cough/speak things in regards to my shoes. Ie: "Wow, hunny I don't know how we spent so much money today!" (me). *cough* "shoes" *cough* (him). He thinks he's soooo funny. lol.

  2. I always loved Amelia Bedelia and I *love* that you found all these great deals. Those grey boots have to be my favorites. Hope you'll stop by and link them up on Thursday!

  3. LOVING the Aldo heels and grey boots. We must make this thrifting idea happen!

  4. Jess- Thank you!! Really, my friend Laurel found them but THANK HEAVENS they didn't fit her because I wanted them so badly! Now I just need an event to wear them to...You'll find some too! Husbands just think they're hilarious, lol.

    Meagan-Amelia Bedelia is the best ever. I absolutely plan to link up tomorrow!

    Lindsey- Thank you! And, agreed. Let's make it happen asap!

  5. you are funny, you cracked me up! I love all your shoes, I wish I could thrift shoes at these prices, so amazing, Aldo at $3.99? it's crazy, they obviously don't know Aldo..haha.. Well done, my friend!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog, really appreciate it. And no..I seldom thrift for my kids, cause, there aren't that many nice kids' clothes. Have a good weekend Ally!

  6. haha you crack me up...I am obsessed with shoes too..I just wish my feet weren't GINORMOUS! those aldo's are stunning and I love those grey boots!!!! Great finds!! Thank you for linking up to Thrifters Anonymous!!!



  7. Goodness what great finds!! I will be featuring it on thriftaholics weekly on tuesday :) Thanks for linking up.

  8. Mongs- Thank you!!! Do you think it's just the children's selection there, or do you find that to be universal? I've never looked through the kids section...with the exception of trying to find misplaced women's shirts in the little boys section, lol!

    Shana- Those two are my favorites, too! I actually find that some of the cutest shoes are in the way bigger, or way smaller sizes and I'm always really disappointed. ha. I highly doubt your feet are "GINORMOUS" lol!

    Ana- THANK YOU THANK YOU! I love your link ups!

  9. EEK! Those Aldo heels are heck of a deal! Very pretty. Great finds. Found you through Thriftaholics.
    Van // The Clothes We Wear


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