Thursday, January 19, 2012

Red Pencil Skirt Three Ways (Minus my face)

Hey girl, hey.

You may have/have not noticed/rejoiced in/celebrated or lamented/lost sleep over the fact that my person has not appeared on Fever Thrift* lately. There is an explanation for such a tragedy/oh happy day/mustache but I'll save the story time for my next post.

I'm pulling a bit of a Jenn from The Suburb Experiment and showing you three different ways that I would wear a thrifted item....minus the me wearing it bit.

Edit: I'm showing you three different ways that the concrete would wear a thrifted item.

Red Pencil Skirt: $2.89 @ Dayton Goodwill

Outfit Numero Uno
J. Crew Shirt: $.99 @ St. Vincent De Paul in Cincinnati
Nine West Shoes (better pic here): $2.99 @ Valley Thrift in Dayton
Necklace: I dunno.

Total: $6.87

Outfit #2
Gap Sweater Blazer: $3.89 @ Goodwill in Dayton
Ikat Tank: $6.99 clearance @ TJ Maxx
Sbicca Leather Wedges: $1.99 @ VOA in Columbus (better pic here)
Necklace: Made by me= free

Total: $15.76

Third Outfit
Free People Top: $3.50 @ Goodwill Boutique in Cincinnati
Banana Republic Tank: $1.99 @ Goodwill in Columbus
White Mountain Boots: $39.99 @ TJ Maxx (Bought w/ giftcard =FREE)

Total: $8.38

Which outfit do you like/gag at/want to eat/snuggle/chortle at the most?

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  1. Great deals..not bad at all.thanks for sharing,regards..

  2. Fabulous thrifted outfits at great prices, it's hard to wear thrift from head to toe, so you definitely scored with these outfits. My favorite is the red skirt. And i think i prefer your real person to Miss concrete...heheh..


  3. I miss your face!!! I prefer outfit Numero dos (I think that you called it #2) because I love the way the shirt coordinates with the skirt and the jacket looks great over it all. The homemade necklace and shoes top it off!

    Mongs is adorable! I'd love to go thrifting with both of you!

    Love, Mom

  4. um, you MADE that necklace??? I am so jealous and impressed!!!

  5. I loved all the outfits, but I especially loved outfit number 2!

  6. These are all great outfits! I love them all for different reasons- too hard to pick a fav! I'd wear them all! BTW The new Goodwill store in Columbus, Ohio is on High St at Hudson in the old Blockbuster building on the OSU Campus.

    Lindsey Turner

  7. outfit dos is my fave...glad you visited my blog and now i am also following you! love your blog :)

  8. I have a red pencil skirt too! I love these ideas! All of them will look great on you. I do, however, miss your face. :D ♥Rachel (for the birds)

  9. I am following you now via bloglovin.
    I look forward to reading your future posts :)

  10. I love that last blue top!!! Cute outfits.


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