Thursday, January 19, 2012

Red Pencil Skirt Three Ways (Minus my face)

Hey girl, hey.

You may have/have not noticed/rejoiced in/celebrated or lamented/lost sleep over the fact that my person has not appeared on Fever Thrift* lately. There is an explanation for such a tragedy/oh happy day/mustache but I'll save the story time for my next post.

I'm pulling a bit of a Jenn from The Suburb Experiment and showing you three different ways that I would wear a thrifted item....minus the me wearing it bit.

Edit: I'm showing you three different ways that the concrete would wear a thrifted item.

Red Pencil Skirt: $2.89 @ Dayton Goodwill

Outfit Numero Uno
J. Crew Shirt: $.99 @ St. Vincent De Paul in Cincinnati
Nine West Shoes (better pic here): $2.99 @ Valley Thrift in Dayton
Necklace: I dunno.

Total: $6.87

Outfit #2
Gap Sweater Blazer: $3.89 @ Goodwill in Dayton
Ikat Tank: $6.99 clearance @ TJ Maxx
Sbicca Leather Wedges: $1.99 @ VOA in Columbus (better pic here)
Necklace: Made by me= free

Total: $15.76

Third Outfit
Free People Top: $3.50 @ Goodwill Boutique in Cincinnati
Banana Republic Tank: $1.99 @ Goodwill in Columbus
White Mountain Boots: $39.99 @ TJ Maxx (Bought w/ giftcard =FREE)

Total: $8.38

Which outfit do you like/gag at/want to eat/snuggle/chortle at the most?

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Meet Mongs

If you haven't met Mongs from My Thrifty Closet, you must.

She thrifts things like this:

She makes things like this:

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And, she supports blogs like mine :-) Her kind comments always make me smile and feel encouraged.

Here's what Mongs had to say about herself and her blog when I asked:

"my blog is about my thrifty personal style, I thrift, refashion and recycle to create sustainable outfits."


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I want your buttons

Currently, music being blasted in the hallway of my apartment complex. Naturally, the music-producing-electronic is right outside my door. Some (overly nice) workers are putting in some new carpet which, of course, I appreciate. I just don't appreciate that I was sleeping ten minutes ago and I'm obviously not sleep-blogging right now.

Today, I'm stealing an idea from Bailey who writes the blog Lost & Found! She does a button swap every month and then does a spotlight of the blogs whose buttons she's...swapped.

Want to swap buttons with ME?!  (For free! Just send me some readers?)

E-mail me at with the following:

- Your button (about 200x150, please)
- 3-5 sentences about you and your blog

In a week or so, I'll put together a spotlight featuring your blogs!

Your button will stay up as long as you want it to :)

Enough business. And let's forget the smooth introduction-to-thrift transition today.
I went thrifting over Christmas break and it was glorious!

I found the following at Goodwill on Dorothy Lane in Kettering:

 Scarf: $1.29 (maybe for a pillow?)
Retail: ?? @least $5
There's no tag and I'm definitely not posh enough to tell you what material it is. It does have a hand-rolled edge, which I THINK is good? 

Whatever, it's pretty.
Price: $.99
Retail: ?? @least $5

Gap sweater-blazer: $3.89
Retail: $45-60

J. Crew button-down: $3.89
Retail: $65-72

Gap boy-cut jeans: $4.29
Retail: $70-80

Gap tissue tee: $3.79
Retail: $15-25
My mom says this shirt looks like I've taken a sharpie and drawn on the stripes myself.

Decree (JCP brand) shirt: $3.79
Retail: $15-20

After Goodwill, I dropped by the St. Francis Thrift Store in Kettering. They had so much fun furniture! I was in New-Years-Resolution-Ally mode so I ended up with this:

Pack of Runners Magazines: $1.00
Retail (@ $2+ per issue): $16
Six eight pack on her: yours for the small cost of years of dedicated marathon running.

(Insert my day dream: to get the abs of my dreams from thrift shopping. Thrifting's hard work too!
And, I've heard Dave say more than once that thrifting with me is like a marathon. Hear THAT stomach muscles?!)

(Minimum) Retail: $236
Thrifty Cost: $22.83
(Minimum) Savings: $213.17 (90%)

The music has stopped- I'm taking my cue from the dog and going back to bed.

Gotta rest up for those New Years resolutions, right?
Abs of my dreams, here I come.

P.S. E-mail me! I want your buttons!