Monday, May 20, 2013

How thrifting led to police involvement on all accounts except for mine.

Long title, accurate summary.

This week, I had the exciting opportunity to meet up with Amy from Cincinnati Thrift and Ashleigh from The Stylized Wannabe- both authors of Cincinnati thrift blogs.  I'd met Amy before because she was kind enough to attend the Goodwill Shopping Safari, but it was my first time meeting Ashleigh. I was a little bit overexcited because I felt like I was attending my first ever blogger "meet up". Ha.

It was so much fun! You wanna know something ironic? We sucked at taking pictures of our thrift date so I have little evidence of the fun we had. It was as if we forgot that we were active members of a technological bloggity-blog world and made a collective decision to throw our cellular devices into a mud puddle. The largest muddle we could find.

To prove my point, I asked Amy to take a picture of me and Ashleigh, and the pictures she got of us making out way TO the picture were better than the goal. I will not prove it. Just accept my technological pinkie swear. (This is not a dig on Amy's pic-taking abilities. This was just the way of the night.)

So we had a blast at the actual thrift store- it was the HUGEST Goodwill I do believe I have ever thrifted. My/our only complaint was about how stinking expensive everything was, but the whole subject of the rising thrift store prices is for a whole other post for another time.

This picture can't even begin to describe how massive the store's only the back half. To the right, you can see a bit of their accessories "department".

There were so many shoes!

I came away with three purchases: a pair of boots, a skort, and a stupidly romantic sculpture.

 Nine West Boots: $14
Retail: $90+

Target Skort: $.99 
Retail: $15+

Marwal Inc. (by Brower) Sculpture: $8
(Current) Retail: $50-$150

I LOVE THIS SCULPTURE SO MUCH. It's the sweetest and I love the modern-ity of it. Since it's all banged up and has all kinds of chips (the white spots on the head), I decided to decrease the value by spray painting it a matte white:

I've done all kinds of research on the sculptor and have only been able to learn that it was made by Blossom Brower in 1965. Here are some other sculptures of hers that remind me of the one above:

Ashleigh made it out with some Chinese Laundry sandals and a beautiful vintage Coach purse. Amy found some tops and two dresses!

These did NOT make it into any of our final purchases...
 Notice Dress...a little bit too much of a quirk factor in this dress. 
I definitely look uncertain.

I just couldn't even believe this next thing made it past getting donated! 
I took a picture of it in someone else's cart:

And I definitely didn't purchase the item that was attached to this tag:

I can't show you a picture of the item at the other end because I only have a picture of it ON me and I'm worried about what would happen if my high school students stumbled across the picture...It was basically a MASSIVE t-shirt with a lacy lingerie thingy majiggy printed on it. 
(One size did fit all.)
When it was time to replenish our energy, we decided to head out to get some food and beverage. Amy and I arrived but Ashleigh was no where to be found. Amy got a text a few minutes later that Ashleigh had locked her keys in her car and had to call the police to help her get 'em out! To top that off, Amy went and got herself a speeding ticket on her way home. 

Conclusion: I was the only one to make it out without some kind of police interaction. 

Luckily there's going to be a next time, so there's plenty of time to remedy that :)

By the way! If you live in the Cinci area and want to join us on our next night of thrift, please shoot me or Amy or Ashleigh an e-mail! We'd love to thrift with you :) The police only have to be involved if you want them to be. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Closet Space

This post is for the sake of my grandmother who has asked me multiple times, "How do you have enough space for all of your clothes?"

I've written about my One In, One Out policy before, but I'd like to readdress the subject because it's an "issue" that I think many treasure hunters face at some point or another.

What do I do with all my sweet deals? How do I have room for 'em all?

Silly pants. I don't have room for 'em all.

Please excuse me as I take a trip to Brag City, but something I'm really proud of is my ability to get rid of stuff.

As better stuff comes in, the older, less worn, or just lesser quality stuff leaves.

Look at all the stuff I done donated set out in a pile to donate this week!

There are even 3 pair of shoes in that pile!

This is a bit self serving, but here's a pic of my closet so you can get an idea of my clothing stash. This is all there is- both my summer and winter clothes, beach and north pole clothes, fat and skinny clothes, frumpy and saucy clothes, fruit and vegetable clothes.

I'm not saying that I'm a minimalist and I'm not saying anything about my organization skills...the sweater explosion on the shelves shows that my "neat skills" are clearly lacking. I guess this is just a self-serving post to profess to the world I'm not a hoarder and that my thrift collection is "moderate".

No secret to it. No hidden closet beneath the floorboards or a self-storage unit built into my budget.

I just get rid of stuff :)

How do you keep a handle your thrift collection?